About Us

Why Indic streets ?

Wear a cloth that matters. Indic is here with its new fashion

We encourage the Indian handloom or handicraft fabrics which is purely made in India. We’re on the journey in protecting the Indic fabrics by fashion, we also have the vintage models of leather accessories, books of culture, history, comics, tees for motivations unisexual and eco-friendly products.

This is what we stand for and we are sure that our current switch towards a better alternative will not only reach numbers and more and more people will join us and make one unity in being helping hands in encouraging the Indian handlooms.

Indic streets introducing variety of clothing, specialized in Indian Handlooms. This clothing is specially designed for all the gorgeous ladies and handsome men.

Indic provides mens and womens wear. Indic been specialized in ikat culture and fashion. We choose to wear healthy clothes, help the environmental cause, invest wisely as these are durable and will also help save a piece of heritage. Besides, we help the livelihood of all those workers who are working in the sector and will encourage others to save a rich cultural tradition.

  • Clothes at reasonable with high quality
  • Highly designed
  • Natural weavers
  • Ages cultured clothes