Uses of Indian Handlooms or Handmade Clothing

Indian Handmade Clothing have their own Charisma and essence.

Contemporary Indian Clothing is based upon a rich history of fashion development through 4,000 Years.

Handcrafts will always be in for Indians, It's just the matter of choice.

History of clothing in the Indian subcontinent can be traced to the Indus Valley Civilization.

Indians have mainly worn Clothing made up of locally grown cotton. India was one of the first places where cotton was Cultivated and used even as early as 2500BCE.

Ancient Indian clothing can be found in the figurines discovered from the sites near The Indus Valley Civilization, The Rock-Cut Sculptures, The Cave Paintings, and Human art forms found in temples and monuments.

These Sculptures view the figures of human wearing clothes which can be wrapped around the body. The traditional Indian wears were mostly tied around the body in various ways such as Dhoti. Certain section of Indians like the educated and elite class certainly appreciates and wear handcrafted clothes.

Handmade clothes not only are closer to our culture but they are also most gracious and comfortable to be carried. People prefer to buy Handmade dresses because of the strength, durability and uniqueness.

Now, just look at what you're Wearing today (Factory made), of course it looks good, it also feels good but is it that REALLY GOOD? The thing is that, what you're wearing today is the second dirtiest thing in the world!!

Yes, Textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

The number one reason to switch to handmade clothing is that It helps reduce global warming, and does not waste and pollute precious natural resources like water.

The Indian Handicrafts Industry is highly labor intensive, Cottage based and decentralized industry. The industry is spread all over the labor-intensive cottage urban areas. Most of the manufacturing units are located in rural and small towns. Handicraft Industry is a major source of income for rural communities employing over six million artisans including a large number of women and people belonging to the weaker sections of the society.

Some people think it's out of trend. But the real fact is that you need to style up the garment according to prevailing trend. Being brief, handcrafted clothes are definitely a choice and preferred INDIAN GARMENTS.


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